Pedicure manicure

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Pedicure & Manicure

1. Deluxe Pedicure (1h. Service) _$50
– Treat yourself with a deluxe pedicure & your feet with be feeling fresh & smooth.
– Materials: Lavender sea scrub with exfoliating crysals to remove off your callus, a mask on your feet, & paraffin wax with a 20 mins, massage.
2. Star Pedicure (40 mins. service) _$35
– Materials: Sea scrub, mask on your feet to remove dead cuticles making your skin smoother, paraffin wax a 10 mins. massage.
3. Callus Removal Pedi (35 mins. service) _$30
– Materials: Lavender a Scrub to remove your callus & mask your feet feel softer & smoother than ever with a massage.
4. European Pedicure (30 mins. service) _$25
– Material: Mask on your feet with a sea scrub to take off your callus & make your feet soft, included with a massage
5. Regular Pedicure (25 mins. service) _$20
– Great for those that just have time for a soak, shaping and a quick massage.
6. Jelly Pedicure (1h. Service) _$50
– This special treatment is a unique spa experience. Your feet are soak in fluffy jelly. It provides the ultimate relief for stress & aching muscles. It helps foliate as well as hydrate dry sin. This includes callus removal or sea scrub + extra massage.
7. Pearl Pedicure (50 mins. Service) _$45
– This special treatment is healing, skin brightening, anti-aging, & deeply moisturizing. Pearl powder is a finely milled powder from fresh water pearls. The pearl powder contains about 18 essential amino acids, necessary for the human body to heal and maintain cell nutrition.

8. Chamomile Pedicure (45 mins. Service) _$40
– This special treatment is an effective way of therapy for anxiety. Relax the scent of chamomile while your feet are heel balm, leaving the skin feeling refeshed & smooth.
9. On SEN Pedicure (40 mins. Service) _$35
– This special treatment includes a soak in citrus honey essence with aroma therapy followed by a gentle massage with a Honey Scrub & a musk lathered over then another massage with cream then finished by applying blended butter leaving the skin & sense refreshed & awakened.
10. Aroma Pedicure (35 mins. Service) _$30
– This special treatment includes a soak in aroma essence with Aroma Oil, followed by a cleansing sprinked with cleaning leaves, soothing massage finished with Isopropyl Palimate Oil.


1. Gel Manicure (40 mins. service) _$28
2. Deluxe Manicure (30 mins. service) _$25
– Materials: Lavender Sea Scrub w/ exfoliating crystals, paraffin wax w/ a 10 min massage.
3. Star Manicure (25 mins. service) _$20
– Materials: Paraffin wax w/ moisturizing crystals, & an exfoliating scrub w/ a massage.
4. European Manicure (23 mins. service) _$16
– Materials foliation scrub with exfoliation scrub with moisturizing crytals with a massage.
5. Regular Manicure (20 mins. service) _$11
– Great for those that have just enough time for a warm soak, nail shaping & quick massage.